What’s been happening…

Media Production, News, Video

Well, it’s been quite a busy summer!

In April, through some odd circumstances, we got the opportunity to cover two of UK Cycling Events ‘Wiggle Super Series’ events in the New Forest.

The first of these was a Mountain Biking event involving ‘run-and-gun‘ style shooting. The biggest challenge we had was getting into the depths of the forest to get decent shots. The weather wasn’t particularly helpful but thankfully our little Canon 550D stood up to the drizzle!

The second event was a road cycling event and the sun came out to play. This made all the difference to the cyclists mood, along with a much easier shooting schedule. We turned both of these videos around within a week to the delight of the client.

Moving into May, we finished up a Pilates DVD for Priya Tew before heading up to Scotland to cover audio production for a conference in Edinburgh.

June saw us providing some website consultation for Shirley Baptist Church, and begin developing an e-commerce site for Rhythmsection.com.

July through August we landed a contract with Friends Life Group to conduct a Usability and Compliance audit of all their international sites – quite a task! However, we finished ahead of time and on budget – job done, happy client 🙂

We’re already half way through September and we’ve been out shooting video at BG Group and ATEC Security with Sous Productions.

What’s next? Watch this space!


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