Making the leap…

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Well, it’s pretty crazy but after investing in Final Cut Pro 7 just over a year ago, I have made the jump to Adobe Premiere Pro. Why? Because I am extremely sceptical about the future of Final Cut Pro X and because Adobe were offering a cracking deal on the Production Premium Suite (50% off for FCP Users!). This also means I get to play with Adobe After Effects which I am fairly certain will be a powerful tool to add to the arsenal!

It might seem like a rash decision but I should point out that I spent a month trying out AVID Media Composer (also on offer) but after using After Effects for just a week, in my mind it made a lot of sense to go with Adobe.

This is mainly because I have been using Photoshop since edition 2.0 and feel very at home with the Adobe interface logic. I know FCP 7 is still being used by many production houses, but I have also seen a rising number utilising Premiere Pro (including one of my clients) so I am pretty sure I have made the right choice. Obviously if I can edit with all three, it’s a huge bonus!


Final Cut Pro(?) X

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As reported on Philip Bloom’s blog Apple have today released the latest version of Final Cut Pro – ‘Final Cut Pro X’ through the ‘MacApp’ Store. Just when I was getting to grips with Final Cut Pro 7! 😦

Apparently it borrows a lot from iMovie, which could be a very bad thing… there are also new versions of Compressor and Motion, which can be purchased separately. This may be a blessing in disguise… I think I’ll stick with FCP7 for now.