Making the leap…

Adobe, Apple, Media Production, Software

Well, it’s pretty crazy but after investing in Final Cut Pro 7 just over a year ago, I have made the jump to Adobe Premiere Pro. Why? Because I am extremely sceptical about the future of Final Cut Pro X and because Adobe were offering a cracking deal on the Production Premium Suite (50% off for FCP Users!). This also means I get to play with Adobe After Effects which I am fairly certain will be a powerful tool to add to the arsenal!

It might seem like a rash decision but I should point out that I spent a month trying out AVID Media Composer (also on offer) but after using After Effects for just a week, in my mind it made a lot of sense to go with Adobe.

This is mainly because I have been using Photoshop since edition 2.0 and feel very at home with the Adobe interface logic. I know FCP 7 is still being used by many production houses, but I have also seen a rising number utilising Premiere Pro (including one of my clients) so I am pretty sure I have made the right choice. Obviously if I can edit with all three, it’s a huge bonus!


The Great Camera Shootout…

DSLRs, Media Production

It’s probably old news to some but a colleague recently pointed me in the direction of the Zacuto “Great Camera Shootout 2010”.

This fascinating web series pits the recent crop of Canon DSLR Cameras against “real” Cinema and HD Video Cameras. The results are truly remarkable and leave me feeling quite happy about my investment in a Canon 550D/T2i although, this model only appears in the third “webisode” (along with a little Eurovision magic..!). The series was such a success that it was nominated for, and won, an emmy!

In addition, they have also released the first episode of the “Great Camera Shootout 2011”, which obviously has a bigger budget. This starts to show the limitations of the DSLRs but also demonstrates where they shine (in low light conditions). It’s maybe a little too much of a geek-out for some mind you 😉